Topics of Interest

In an effort to gauge interest in various things we might discuss at a meeting, I offer the following list of discussion and/or a bit of volunteerism. :-) These are topics about which members have said "I'd like to learn more about that..." If you'd like to add a topic, let me know. If you'd like to give a presentation ona topic, likewise. We could even have a panel discussion, of sorts (on the "Perl vs. Other Languages" topic, for example, I can envision a panel discussion wherein somebody who likes Tcl can present the case for Tcl, someone who likes python can present the case for python, and so forth). Send mail!

02/19/99 Update: We had an informal poll at last night's meeting, to see which topics were of the most interest. The following list is now in descending order of interest, with the number of votes that the topic received indicated in square brackets on the left.

05/12/99 Update: Items without a vote count are new.

The list:

There's also been one vote for "seeing people's favorite 'for' loops"... Perhaps y'all could send me what you've got and I could compile it into a list.

So far, we've got folks who've mentioned that they could, if bribed with large sums of cash, talk on the following topics (02/19/99 Update: we also voted on these; votes indicated as per the previous list):

Please keep the mail coming!


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