Algorithm::Diff - Example


At Tekelec, we have several new products that provide a data provisioning interface to one of our core products. These interfaces must be extremly reliable and therefore require fault tolerant hardware and software on "highly available" platforms. This means that we must provide two independent servers, each running our software and one or more databases. Our architecture provides an "active/standby" interface to the customer where the customer need only send updates to one server or the other. Our software distributes the update to both servers as appropriate.

Architecture Diagram

The Problem

As with all ambitious software development projects, we encountered a bug or two during development. More than one bug resulted in a difference between the two databases. Isolation of a difference in log files is the key to solving these types of problems. Finding these differences was often difficult for the following reasons:

The Solution

This type of task is why Perl (Practical Extraction and Reporting Language) was originally created. With the support of such a large development community, it is no surprise that a module for performing differences was available on CPAN. This module is called Algorithm::Diff.

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