The Practice of Programming

Date: June/July, 1999
From: John Klassa

Another great book by Kernighan and Pike... From start to finish, this
books contains useful, relevant material that is presented clearly and
authoritatively, often with interesting examples (from real code) to
back things up. A must-read for programmers.

To be fair, a significant bit of what they say is stuff that you've
probably considered and used, without prompting, in the past. To have
it spelled out by this legendary duo, however, gives it an extra bit of
credibility. Their admission, in Chapter 5, that they prefer "thinking
harder and adding output statements and self-checking code at critical
places" to "stepping through a program" [with a debugger], is
liberating, because I often do things that way but feel guilty for not
using a debugger.

In short, it's a good book and it won't take you long to read it. If
you're a code-head, buy it. :-)


Time-stamp: "2000-08-14 20:25:14 raleigh"