Learning Perl

Date: May-July, 1999
From: John Klassa

I read most of this book while putting together an "Intro to Perl"
class for my employer. My original intention was to use the book as the
basis for the class, by going through it, in order, from cover to
cover. After a bit of reading, though, I wasn't sure that the order
(and content) made all that much sense everywhere.

For example, chapter 1 ("A Stroll Through Perl") contains a lot of
stuff that would probably confuse a newcomer more than it would spur
their interest. Chapter 9 ("Miscellaneous Control Structures") is
short, and would be better if integrated into chapter 4 ("Control
Structures"). Likewise, chapter 6 ("Basic I/O") might just as well be
included in chapter 10 ("Filehandles and File Tests"), which could
actually come earlier. The first part of the discussion of "Private
Variables in Functions" (page 96) looks like it was written for local,
even though the code uses my.

In all, probably a reasonable choice for learning perl (especially if
your programming background is limited; I've heard that Perl: The
Programmer's Companion is an excellent choice for experienced
programmers). It's worth a look, but it could use a bit of
reorganization (IMHO)... Then again, since Randal's been using it as
the basis for his classes for years, it must be pretty good as it is
and I'm probably just off in left field. :-)


Time-stamp: "2000-08-14 20:26:32 raleigh"