Notes for Raleigh Perl Mongers Meeting

March 16, 2000

We met again at Glaxo Wellcome, with Don pulling host duty. Don, we need to buy you dinner sometime, buddy... You've been a great help to us!

At the start of the meeting, I talked briefly about the steering committee and the kinds of things we're working on (contents, goodies, pizza, so forth). The "pizza" idea went over well. :-)

After that, I talked a bit about the Net::SMTP module, which is very handy for sending mail when there's no sendmail binary (or other wrappers) around. Moreover, unlike with sendmail (at least as generally configured), you can send mail as whoever you'd like. Useful for scripts that do things on behalf of others...

Next, we went around the room and pretty much everyone got up, introduced themselves, told us what they do with perl and then shared some code. The meeting was lively, fun and, I think, the model for future meetings. Interactivity == Good. It looks like our members do all manner of things with perl, from database work under NT, medical/bioinformatics, web scripting, Tk applications, build systems and library systems to general administrative things. It also looks like we've found a few things that could be elaborated on, by way of a talk (namely, the Schwartzian Transform, tied variables, OO [again] and DBI).

At the conclusion of the meeting, Megan Conklin won this month's book (O'Reilly's Programming the Perl DBI)... We'll be expecting a full report, Megan. :-)

We also took a couple of pictures of the group...

-John Klassa