Notes for Raleigh Perl Mongers Meeting

October 21, 1999

We met again at Glaxo Wellcome... Don Cain subbed for Ray Grimaila again, but this time actually came in and joined us. We'll make Don into a perl monger yet. :-) Thanks again, Don!

The meeting was a three-parter that turned into a four-parter, purely by chance. Head perl monger brian d foy was in town, teaching a class at Cisco, and offered to drop by our meeting to chat with the troops.

So, the evening began with a talk by me on "twiddle-regex", a little perl/Tk utility I whipped up after seeing a similar thing in a recent python distribution. It allows you to enter a regex along with some text to run it against, and shows you the result.

Next, Derek Lane gave a report on O'Reilly's recent Writing Apache Modules with Perl and C... By and large, Derek thought it was a good book, and thought that writing Apache modules is within the grasp of mere mortals.

Third up was Bill Cowan, who talked about what's new in the world of perl, as well as how to find out what's new in the world of perl. Bill highlighted some recent goings-on in the world of perl under NT, and noted that there are a number of resources available "for NT" that can actually be of use to anybody (whether using NT or not).

Last, but not last, brian d foy got up and talked to us about his attempt to use Damian Conway's Parse::RecDescent to write a parser for RFC822 mail messages (at this point, addresses in particular). Turns out, abigail beat him to the punch by about a week. :-) Still, I'd never seen anything done with Parse::RecDescent, so brian's talk was educational. After that, he opened the floor to questions about anything at all, and spent a few minutes talking to use about various things perl. Thanks for dropping by, brian!

Oh... We also gave away a copy of O'Reilly's Mastering Algorithms with Perl. We're expecting a book report out of the winner! :-)

See you next month (on the 18th)!

-John Klassa