Notes for Raleigh Perl Mongers Meeting

July 15, 1999

This was our second meeting as guests of Glaxo Wellcome... Thanks again, Ray (Grimaila) for taking care of the arrangements for us!

I started the meeting by bringing up the topic of next month (chosen by picking the next topic in the rotation) and asking for thoughts from the group (the idea was to have a round-table kind of a discussion on perl vs. other langauges). To make a long story short, by an almost unanimous vote, the group decided to have a social meeting instead. So, if you would, please go to the virtual sign-up sheet and sign up to bring some food or drink.

Next off, Simon Karpen told us about cool new happenings in the world of perl. My favorite item was that Ty is coming out with a "Larry the Camel" beanie baby. My wife has instructions to get me the first one she sees. :-)

After Simon's presentation, Derek Lane followed in the footsteps of Bill Cowan by doing double-presentation duty. Derek talked a few months ago about weird and horrible data formats, and this month took the podium again to talk about reflection and the debugger. Derek showed us how easy it is to extend the functionality of the perl debugger with new commands. I had no idea that you could do such cool stuff with so little additional code.

Thanks, Derek and Simon!

Lastly, I gave away a copy of O'Reilly's Photoshop in a Nutshell. O'Reilly hasn't sent me anything lately, so the book giveaway may be on hiatus for a while. :-)

See you next month!

-John Klassa