Notes for Raleigh Perl Mongers Meeting

June 17, 1999

This was our first meeting as guests of Glaxo Wellcome... The auditorium in the Ruvane Building was spacious, plush and comfortable. Thanks, Ray (Grimaila) for taking care of the arrangements for us!

We took an informal poll and decided to go ahead and continue to meet at Glaxo Wellcome, in the Ruvane Building, from now on (in lieu of attempting to come up with the funding to meet at Dreyfus). See the main page for the dates for future RPM meetings.

Brian Exelbierd got us started with the first "what's new" segment... Brian talked about what interested him (just kidding, Brian), among things new in the world of perl. [ Brian: If you're reading this, please send me your slides so I can get them online. Thanks! ] Simon Karpen volunteered to do a similar intro piece at the next meeting.

Megan Alexander was up next, and gave a great talk on LDAP and its accessibility from perl... Her notes are available, for those who may be interested. Derek Lane volunteered to talk about reflection and perl's debugger (am I close, Derek?) at next month's meeting.

Thanks, Brian and Megan (and Simon and Derek, for volunteering)!

I was going to give away a copy of O'Reilly's Photoshop in a Nutshell book, but forgot to bring it. I'll do better next time...

See you next month, on July 16th!

-John Klassa