Notes for Raleigh Perl Mongers Meeting

April 15, 1999

This meeting was a social gathering... We had about ten folks show up, give or take. We had some food and spent the time talking about perl, people in the perl community, topics for future meetings and the like. I gave away a copy of O'Reilly's Programming Web Graphics with Perl and GNU Software (thanks, O'Reilly!), though I managed to bungle the "raffle" and cheated Nina out of a shot at the book. At next month's meeting, I'll be giving away another book, and Nina will get two chances. :-)

We talked about RTI's plan to require groups that meet in Dreyfus to have $500,000 in liability coverage. It appears that the plan isn't a done deal, but may be coming... As such, we may need to either:

I'll keep you informed as things develop.

Bill Cowan graciously volunteered to give another talk at next month's meeting... He'll be talking about his experiences with OO in perl -- things he's done, how he's found it useful and so forth. Thanks for stepping up to the plate twice, now, Bill!

It was, apparently, a night for volunteerism because Megan Alexander (go Tribe! :-)) also volunteered to fill a role for us. She's going to help out with coming up with things to do at meetings (finding topics, speakers, activities and so on). To that end, we do still have a topics page that lists things that people would like to see talks on, as well as people who's be willing to give talks. Please go there and provide feedback to me and/or Megan so that we can come up with interesting things to do at future meetings.

See you next month, on May 20th!

-John Klassa

P.S. If you ordered a hat and haven't picked it up yet (and paid me for it :-)), please contact me ASAP.