Notes for Raleigh Perl Mongers Meeting

March 18, 1999

The highlight of this meeting was Rob Napier's talk entitled "From Llama to Ram: How to Think Like a Perl Weenie" ... Judging by the heckling he got from the crowd, everybody enjoyed his talk. :-)

The next meeting will occur on Thursday, April 15th, 1999 (tax day!) at 7:15pm in Dreyfus Auditorium. The meeting will be a bit more social in flavor. Go to the sign-up page to volunteer to bring something...

I didn't mention this at the meeting last night because the network went down, at work, just before I was going to print this out. Nonetheless, one of our members (Tom Vaughan) sent this to me yesterday, and thought it may be of interest to the group:

	Tom> Hi John, I can't come to the meeting as I am in Cincinnati,
	Tom> but I thought you might want to spread the word that
	Tom> Macmillan Publishers has some Linux and Perl books on line at
	Tom> These are the same books as the ones on the
	Tom> book shelf for sale and access is free. If I remember correctly
	Tom> you need to sign up through "personal bookshelf" and you can
	Tom> add different books to your bookshelf and preuse at your
	Tom> leisure. There is a good one on Perl and CGI.

Thanks for the pointer, Tom!

-John Klassa