Notes for Raleigh Perl Mongers Meeting

February 18, 1999

The meeting began with an informal poll as to which topics are of the most interest to our members. The results are available on the topics page. In response to the interest level gauged in the poll, Rob Napier has agreed to present his "From Llama to Ram: How to Think Like a Perl Weenie" talk at our next meeting.

We had a few new faces in the crowd, as well as our regular contingent of hard-core, die-hard members. I'm starting to see a pattern in the attendance record... :-)

We held off the introductions until the end this time, and got right into Derek Lane's presentation on "Weird and Horrible File Formats"... His slides are available at, and are mirrored locally as well. As Derek was describing the file formats he deals with, I kept thinking to myself "Better him than me..." :-)

After Derek's talk, we made another round of introductions, tacked a couple of extra votes onto the poll and then dismissed.

The next meeting will occur on Thursday, March 18th, 1999 at 7:15pm in Dreyfus Auditorium...

-John Klassa