Notes for Raleigh Perl Mongers Meeting

November 19, 1998

Many thanks to Bill Cowan for jotting these down during the meeting, transcribing them, and sending them along!

Next Meeting: It was decided to have the next meeting in January (i.e. no December meeting) on a Thursday. Consideration will be given to switching the meeting time to 7PM or 7:15. The specific Thursday and exact time will be announced.

[ Looks like the third and fourth Thursday in January may be available... -JMK ]

Revenue: The consensus was to skip having any form of revenue generation or dues for now. If a special event (e.g. speaker) happens in the future, then we can address that need.

Mix of Perl Users at Meeting: A few folks had used Perl for several years, often following different Perl newsgroups (e.g. comp.lang.perl.*). Many present have only used Perl for a year or less and did not follow any newsgroup(s).

Presentations: The consensus was to solicit presentations from different Mongers (aka "volunteers") for each meeting. For example, the presentation might cover technical area, modules, products, etc. The following is currently planned:

Mailing List: There should be two mailing lists: an "announce" list and question/answer list.

[ The "announce" list is the one we've got through the top-level "pm" organization; to subscribe, send mail with body subscribe raleigh-pm-list to The question/answer list is the one that was graciously offered to us, and set up, by Libby Evans of UNC; to subscribe, send mail with body subscribe pm-help Your Name Here to -JMK ]

Editors: There were also comments about emacs and vi, which the notetaker deleted to avoid starting a "preference war".

[ :-) -JMK ]

Application Areas: How Perl used by Mongers