Haywood: The future of Haywood

Program director

Haywood is currently able to select songs based on the type of song entered into the database. This ability can be extended to allow for a music program. A music program would include the acceptable songs to play, the format for announcing the songs, how often to play them, and what other content to include. Music programs may be created, scheduled and modified from the web interface.

For example, a morning program would include a small amount of "easy" music and a greater amount of news and weather. The Wednesday evening program might play all swing music with minimal DJ chatter.

User interaction

Haywood currently has a rudimentary web interface allowing for admin access to the master music database and the playlist. In the future, users may be presented with upcoming songs, recently downloaded news stories and weather. A web interface would allows users to express thier opinion about the music they are hearing and ultimately affect the content.

New music agent

Perl already has a well defined Napster interface. It would be possible for Haywood to select and download new songs based on program specified criteria. Listeners would be presented with a web interface that allows voting for or against that song. The song could be kept or discarded based on the voting (Admins have the ultimate say, of course!).

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