Haywood: Essential features

MP3 Music

Haywood plays MP3 music files. MPEG layer 3 compression and decompression algorithms make it possible to store entire personal music collections cheaply in a ralitively small space. An average song may be compressed to between 3 and 5 MB for later playback at 128 KBps per second / 44 KHz. Any relatively recent computer has virtually limitless storage for these MP3 files. Many software packages offer the ability to store, catalog and play MP3 files. In order to be interesting, Haywood must offer something more.


Haywood is a DJ. DJs talk. In order to be an effective DJ, Haywood needs the ability to announce songs. The best DJs will give some indication of what lies ahead in their program. They will tell you what artist played what song and on what album you can find that song for yourself. There's nothing more aggrivating than hearing a song that you like on the radio and not having the artist/album/title/etc.!

Web broadcast

Another key feature of Haywood is the ability to broadcast content over the internet. This allows the listener (just me today) to take music to work without bringing boxes of CDs with me. It also allows for multiple listeners providing that the content appeals to someone besides myself.

Web administration

Web administration is quickly becoming a requirement for any type of service. For Haywood, this includes:

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