Group Shots

This one was taken at the April 17th, 2003 meeting by Chris Sherman.


In the back row, we've got Chris Sherman, Brad Overby, Rob West, Yu-yu Bai, and Mike South. In the next row, there are Mark Whitteker, Derek Lane, and Brad Oaks. In the front is James Rhew.

These were taken at the March 16th, 2000 meeting. The second one is a little dark, alas... I still haven't gotten a good feeling for what's dark and what isn't, with respect to what the camera thinks.


In the back row, we've got Don Cain, Derek Lane (bearded fellow, half visible), Dana Smith (mostly visible) and Bill Cowan. In the next-closest row, Ben Reed, Rob West, Gregg Conklin and Megan Conklin (winner of Programming the Perl DBI). In the next, Bradford Powell, Mark Whitteker and James Rhew. In the front, Chris Sherman.


Ditto, except that I (John Klassa) am the other guy in the front.