Content Committees

At our January, 2001, folks signed up to be on committees to decide upon and arrange content for future meetings.

Committee Responsibility
Bradford Powell, James Rhew, Rob West March, June, September, December
Mike South, Derek Lane, Bill Cowan April, July, October
Megan Conklin, Brian Exelbierd, John Klassa, Mark Whitteker May, August, November

Really, we need three more volunteers, so that we can form an additional committee. Ideally, each one wouldo only have the responsibility for planning a meeting every four months.

Since the January meeting, the following folks have stepped up to help with the web site. They're the web committee, and they are: Larry Marositz, Steve Few, Rob McCormick and Tom Roche.

Please contact me at to volunteer in some capacity or another. This group is only as active as its volunteers... Please consider helping out.


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