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Mobile agents & perl: Choices By Steve Purkis

  • From

    "Agent - the Transportable Agent Perl module --

    A transportable perl agent is Perl code that can communicate with other disparate entities, and can migrate between computers over a heterogeneous network to perform some task for a client."

  • Snips from the perldoc:

    A Perl Agent...

    "Is any chunk of Perl code that can accomplish some user-defined objective by communicating with other agents, and manipulating any data it obtains.

  • last CPAN record:
    Agent-3.20.tar.gz       15-Dec-1998 09:38    20k

  • Example:
    Step One: Open window 1 and begin the Static program (receiver):


    Step Two: Open window 2 and begin the Hello World agent (agent):


    Step Three: Look at window 1 and see the result!